The objective of this website is to show all the information I
collected about Aganainae to anyone who is interested in this family.
Images and data of the Aganainae can be found on this site.

It is more than a hundred years since Walter Rothschild, Ernst Hartert and
Karl Jordan wrote a comprehensive survey of all the species, subspecies and forms
which were known at that time.
Also the Dutch lepidopterist Pieter Snellen published a survey on this
family in the journal of the Dutch Entomological Society.
After that time a lot of people described new species but to my knowledge no one
made a new survey of this group.

In the past the name of the family has changed from Hypsidae (Hypsinae) to
Aganainae (Aganaidae) but as the most recent view has it, Aganainae should be
placed in the Noctuidae as a subfamily by the name of Aganainae and as a sister
group of the redefined Actiinae (Lafontaine & Fibiger, 2006).

In the years to come I will try to make a new comprehensive survey of the Aganainae.
I hope this site will attract many interested visitors and I would invite anyone to respond
with their opinion on this subject.

Jaap Zwier
September 16, 2008

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